Appeared on Japanese TV “Road to Higher Next “

I appeared as a “BMX photographer” on a Japanese short TV program.I wrote this article about it with English translation. (Sorry if my English was strange.)

BMXフォトグラファーとして出演させていただいた番組「Road to Higer Next」がYoutubeで公開されました。せっかくなので、2分半におさまりきらなかったことなどちょっと補足して、記事にしました。

My Comment on TV Program

Road to Higher Next
BMX Photographer Naoki Gaman from Aomori-city,AOMORI,JAPAN
GIRLS × BMX Active and Beutiful Worldview
The Great Tricks through a viewfinder

(Why do you started BMX?)I fell in love with BMX at first sight.
I found BMX by luck in fashion magazine when I'm college student. I felt BMX is really cool. 
I can’t express it well. It’s more than words I can describe.
(BMXの写真は、自然に撮るようになりました。ガラケーのカメラから、iPhoneになって、コンデジ、そして一眼レフ…男性のライダーはもちろん最高にクレイジーでかっこいいし、) 特に女性ライダーのかっこよさにすごく惹かれているので、海外とかにも行って、活動をしています。

I started take BMX Photograph naturally. First time I use mobile phone camera. It changed to iPhone, compact digital camera…finally DSLR camera. Mens riders are really cool. And I think Womens riders also cool and so beautiful. I go to abroad sometimes for take BMX Photograph.

I think Photographer’s role is to take the rider and trick’s vest moment. 
And I think I’m happy if I can take the “LIFE” that BMX and rider are walking together as well.
アメリカに行って写真を撮って、ライダーたちに見せたら「You are Awesome!すばらしい!」みたいな(ことを言ってくれて。本当に嬉しかったです。だってみんなこそAwesome riderだから。)

I take some pictures in America first time, and I showed them to riders. They said You are Awesome! I was on cloud nine, because It's them who are really Awesome riders.
[ 大池水杜 ]

[ Minato said ] I dont know about Photograph well. But Naoki’s photograph is clear at a glance as Naoki take it. I feel secure when shooting with her because I have trust her. She takes photos at the best moment of the riders.

I take Photograph freely. I just follow my heart.
(わたしの住んでいる青森は、スケートパークはないし冬は雪が降って乗れず、ライダーもどんどん減っているので) わたしが世界のライダーとか、(全国のライダーとかと)繋がることで青森にも良い影響を、持ってこれたらいいなとは思っています。

I live in Aomori-city. There is no Skatepark and we can’t ride BMX in winter because a lot of snow falls in this town. BMX riders in this city are decreasing year by year. I think so happy If I can going to some affect the BMX scene in my town with my Photograph.

BMX freestyle added to the Olympic from TOKYO 2020. I think Japanese and World  BMX scene is dynamic changing now.
(オリンピックを目指しているライダーも応援しているし 大会には出ないけどかっこいいライダーもたくさんいるので、わたしはこの時代の、)みんなの最高の瞬間を残すことができたらいいなと思っています。

I’m cheering professional riders who are making huge efforts become Olympic riders. I think they are really cool. And I really like and I think also awesome the non competition riders. I'm happy if I can leave the best moments of them all in this extremely dramatic time.

岩手朝日放送 Road to Higher Next

Stories My BMX Photograph

1years ago, End of May 2016 I decited to go to USA.It was my long standing dream.
I arrived Austin,TX with my BMX and Camera.The reason is my friend MinatoOike was invited the Xgames Womens Demo. I think it was special opportunity and I wanted leave some photos or movies for her. And I just wanted to go USA, and I felt I should to go. I met a lot of awesome womens BMX riders there, and I take many photos them riding and lifestyle.


Rider:Dani Lightningbolt(USA) Location:MabelDavisSkatepark(Austin,USA)
Rider:Nina Buitrago(USA) Location:HousePark(Austin,USA)
Rider:Angie Marino(USA) Location:HousePark(Austin,USA)

I wanted to release it to the public on Japanese media, but I couldn’t do that because nothing BMX media in Japan. Finally, I published photo book “GIRLS BMX AUSTIN” by myself. I just really wanted to do it.

帰国後、その世界を日本にも紹介したいと思ったものの、日本にはBMXだけのメディアが存在しないこともあり難しく… それで生まれたのが、フォトブック「GIRLS BMX AUSTIN」です。どうしても世に出したかったので、出しました。

That became the next starting point, This year 2017, I was able to take a lot of photos in the many place. It’s thanks to womens BMX riders and everyone’s support. It was so awesome and it was like a dream.


Rider:Еlizaveta Posadskikh(Russia) Location:Xgames vert(Minneapolis,USA)
Rider:Minato Oike(Japan) Location:Woodward West(Tehachapi, CA ,USA)
Rider:Teresa Williams(Spain)Location:Woodward West(Tehachapi, CA ,USA)
Rider:Jesse Gregory(USA) Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Kevin Peraza(USA)Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Ellie Chew(New Zealand) Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Nikki Wetzel(USA)Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Macarena Perez(Chile) Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Hannah Roberts(USA) Location:VANS BMX Pro Cup(Huntington Beach, CA ,USA)
Rider:Nikita Ducarroz(USA,Swiss) Location:FISE World Series(Chengdu,CHINA)
Rider:Iñaki “Iki” Mazza(Argentina) Location:Chengdu Nanhu Park(Chengdu,CHINA)

BMX friends are always give the best inspiration and so many happy for me.Thank you so much.
I really love BMX.There’s no reason.
My activity is so small and there are many obstacles, but I would like to leave the best moments of the my awesome BMX friends through this activity.


So I started this Web site Today! I’ll gradually introduce everyone’s good riding photographs.

MUSIC From This Program

TV crew choose this Music for my Movie. I really like this Music and Music Video!!! Thanks TV crew.


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